Welcome to the Whau Ethnic  Collective!

Kia Ora, Ni Hao, Namaste, Mabuhay, Annyeonghaseyo, Salaam Alaykum, Hujambo and warm greetings.

News and Announcements 

Avondale Christmas Parade

Whau Ethnic Collective participated in Avondale's first Christmas Parade on Sat 25 November 2023 from 11 to 2 pm. 

This event encouraged ethnic communities living in the Whau to band together and celebrate a fun event of music, and food, and join in with the community spirit of Christmas. 

This event resonates with our Strategic goals of building a strong community presence and engagement and collaboration with other organisations in the Whau.

Bridging Cultures in the Whau 

A diverse tapestry of cultures weaves itself throughout the Whau, and the Whau Ethnic Collective serves as a meeting ground for leaders from various ethnic communities to bring them all together.
Falling  under  the  banner  of  the  Whau  Local  Board, the Whau Ethic Collective aims to be a united voice for those seeking a sense of belonging and understanding in their new homeland.  Though the group has already staged and collaborated on several ethnic events, it is yet in its infancy.  At this early stage, members Omar Fahmy and Nobia Fawad welcome newcomers to get involved. 

A native of Pakistan, Nobia works with the New Windsor Community Hub.  Sri Lankan born, Omar Fahmy, has been here 35 years and is an Avondale local; a Muslim man who attends our local Islamic Centre.  Both are eager to see new members join the group and assist others in getting a footing here.The meetings themselves speak of the diversity they celebrate with different ethnic foods brought to each meeting and with an opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures.

"When people are ignorant about different cultures,” says Omar, “it’s easy to be scared of them.  In this way, the barriers are removed.  Understanding each other’s cultures and differences makes us stronger.” The Whau Ethnic Collective is a haven for those who seek a deeper connection to their heritage and a platform to share it with their new community – a place where diversity is not merely tolerated, but embraced and celebrated.

The Collective meets on the last Monday of the month at the Fale, 50a Rosebank Road, Avondale (next to Browne St Café) from 5.30pm-7.30pm.  Please email Nobia and Omar on info@wec.org.nz if you’d like to come along.  Children welcome.  For more info visit: www.wec.org.nz.

Courtesy of MAGAZINE | Avondale Mainstreet 


Whau Ethnic Collective is collaborating with I Love Avondale and Woven Open Street Festival showcased Ethnic and Cultural dress attire in a street procession.

On Saturday 30 September 2023, at Crayford Street, Avondale, the members of WEC adorned themselves with traditional costumes to represent their Ethnic background waving flags of the countries of birth representing Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, China, Brazil, Zanzibar, and Fiji, parading in a cultural dress procession through the festival with a wave of colours, showcasing some of the ethnicities in the Whau. This event was a collaboration with I Love Avondale building strong cohesive communities through engagement.